Abandoned School Dream Meanings (With Interpretations)

abandoned school dream meaning

School – the one place where we all used to learn, grow and discover. So when you have a dream of an abandoned school, it can be quite impactful and strange.

However, there could be a few different (and likely) interpretations for this dream, depending on your personal situation. Let’s take a look at some of the most common spiritual meanings behind dreaming of an abandoned school and how to interpret them. 

What Does A School Represent In A Dream?

So, to start, let’s first clarify what a dream of a NON-abandoned school might mean. Schools typically represent learning and knowledge, so dreaming of a school can symbolize your desire to learn more about a certain topic or situation. It could also signify that you are in some kind of transitional period—just like when we go from elementary to middle school and then high school.

Dreaming of school can also represent friendships (perhaps even lost friendships) and stability. In general, a school in a dream tends to represent the idea of taking on something new, looking for better opportunities, or adapting to change.

But what about an abandoned school? What does that mean?

Most Common Abandoned School Dream Interpretations


Dreaming of an abandoned school might symbolize that you’re about to embark on some kind of journey or change in your life. It could mean that something new is coming, and you may need to leave the safety of what you know in order to make progress in a certain area. Maybe you’ve been stuck in your old ways for too long, and it’s time to make a change.

Fear Of Failure 

If you dream of an abandoned school, it could also represent fear of failure or something else that feels out of your control. Look at what school represents – learning, hard work, and putting in the effort to achieve a goal. Perhaps you’re afraid of embarking on something new because you fear that it won’t turn out how you want it to.

In this case, try to focus on the positive potential of your goals and dreams. Remind yourself that if you put in the effort, anything is possible; you just need to stay motivated and have faith in yourself.

Lack Of Education 

In some cases, dreaming of an abandoned school could also represent a lack of education or knowledge that you may feel like you’re missing out on. This dream can be quite symbolic if you have recently been feeling unsure of yourself or your abilities, wanting to learn more but not knowing how.

Take this as a reminder to take the initiative and do something about it. Research and educate yourself on the topics that interest you; by doing so, you’ll open up a world of possibilities and opportunities. Also – don’t be afraid to take risks!

Regret Or Remorse 

Perhaps the most common interpretation behind dreaming of an abandoned school is regret or remorse over past decisions or events in life. It could be related to relationships or career decisions—anything that left you feeling like there was unfinished business or a missed opportunity along the way.

In a more literal sense, it could also mean regret towards decisions or the lack of decisions you made while in school – whether friendships, studies, or other opportunities.

The key takeaway is to make sure that you don’t dwell on the past and instead focus on how to move forward from this point. Learn from your mistakes, forgive yourself for any wrongs, and continue moving ahead with courage and confidence.

7 Abandoned School Dream Meanings

Dreaming of Getting Lost in An Abandoned School

This dream means you need to take a break from the chaos and find your way back to yourself.

Dreaming of Seeing Familiar People in An Abandoned School

This can represent that you’re feeling disconnected from people in your life, whether friends or family.

Dreaming of Being Trapped in An Abandoned School

Similar to getting lost, this could mean that you feel trapped in your current situation and need to find a way out.

Dreaming of Seeing Ghosts in An Abandoned School

This dream is symbolic of unresolved issues or emotions from the past that still needs closure.

Dreaming of Trying to Escape From An Abandoned School

This can represent wanting to break free from something that’s preventing you from reaching your full potential.

Dreaming of Doors Slamming in An Abandoned School

This could mean that something or someone is trying to block your progress in life, and you need to find a way to push through the obstacles.

Dreaming of Feeling Scared in An Abandoned School

This could mean that you have an underlying fear of failure or something else that’s out of your control.

Dreaming of Going Back To Your Old School (But it’s Abandoned)

This could mean that you’ve been stuck in your old ways for too long, and it’s time to make a change.


No matter what kind of emotions this dream brings up for you, understanding its spiritual meaning can help provide clarity into your current situation and give you direction for where to go from here.

From representing change and fear of failure to symbolizing regret and remorse, there are many potential interpretations behind dreaming of an abandoned school—so reflect on your own unique circumstances for further guidance and insight.

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