Flag Of Missouri: Symbolism And History

The Flag of Missouri is a distinctive symbol that embodies the state’s history and culture. With its bold design and meaningful symbolism, the flag stands as a powerful representation of Missouri’s values and heritage. In this article, we’ll delve into the fascinating history and symbolism behind the Flag of Missouri, exploring the stories and meanings that make it such an important emblem for the state.

The Flag of Missouri

Missouri, also known as the Show-Me State, has a flag that represents its history and values. The Flag of Missouri was designed by Marie Elizabeth Watkins Oliver and was adopted on March 22, 1913. The flag features the state seal on a tricolor field of red, white, and blue that symbolizes valor, purity, and justice, respectively.

The Design

The state seal in the center of the flag depicts three elements that represent the state’s history and natural resources. The first element is a grizzly bear, which symbolizes the strength and bravery of Missouri’s people. The second element is a crescent moon, which represents a new state and its potential for growth. The third element is a blue shield with two stars, which represents Missouri’s admission to the Union as the 24th state.

The Meaning

The Flag of Missouri carries a deep meaning that reflects the state’s values, history, and natural resources. The red color on the flag symbolizes valor and courage, while the white color represents purity and innocence. Lastly, the blue color signifies justice and vigilance.

In conclusion, the Flag of Missouri is more than just a piece of cloth. It represents the state’s history and values and is a symbol of pride for Missourians. Whether you’re a resident of Missouri or just visiting, take a moment to appreciate the beauty and meaning behind the state’s flag.

The Fascinating Story of Missouri’s Flag

Do you know how the flag of Missouri came to be? Well, let me tell you! It all started when the Daughters of the American Revolution held a competition to design a flag for Missouri in 1908. Marie Elizabeth Watkins Oliver, the wife of a former Missouri State Senator, submitted the winning design. Her design featured three horizontal stripes of red, white, and blue, and the state seal in the center.

The Winning Design

Marie Elizabeth Watkins Oliver’s flag design was a perfect representation of Missouri. The three stripes of red, white, and blue signify the values of valor, purity, and justice, respectively. The state seal in the center portrays the state’s rich history and natural beauty. It features a grizzly bear representing the state’s strength and bravery, a crescent moon symbolizing growth, and twenty-four stars depicting Missouri as the twenty-fourth state to join the Union.

The Official Adoption

The Missouri General Assembly officially adopted the flag in 1913, ten years after the competition was held. Since then, the flag has undergone some minor changes, such as the addition of the word “Missouri” above the seal in 1945. Today, the flag of Missouri proudly flies over government buildings and schools across the state.

In conclusion, the flag of Missouri is not just a piece of fabric. It is a symbol of the state’s history, values, and people. Next time you see the flag, take a moment to appreciate the thought and effort that went into its design. So, fly the flag with pride, Missouri!

Symbolism of the Flag of Missouri

Have you ever taken a close look at the Flag of Missouri? It’s not just a combination of red, white, and blue colors – it’s full of symbolism that represents the state’s values and heritage. Let’s break it down!

The Colors

The red, white, and blue colors on the flag are not just for show. They represent some important values that Missouri holds dear. Red represents valor, white represents purity, and blue represents justice. When you see these colors on the flag, you can think about these values and how they apply to Missouri.

The Seal

The state seal on the flag is an important symbol of Missouri’s history and economy. The seal features a crescent moon, symbolizing growth, and a grizzly bear, symbolizing strength and bravery. The two grizzly bears on the seal are meant to represent the strength of Missouri’s citizens, who have faced many challenges in the state’s history.

The Importance of the Missouri River

One of the most important symbols on the Missouri state flag is the depiction of the Missouri River. This river has played a vital role in the state’s economy, transportation, and history. It is the longest river in North America, and is an important source of water for the state.

The Flag of Missouri is a beautiful and meaningful symbol of the state’s values and heritage. Whether you’re a resident of Missouri or just passing through, take a moment to appreciate the symbolism on the flag and what it represents. Who knew that a piece of fabric could be so interesting?!

How to Properly Display the Flag of Missouri

Missouri is known as the “Show-Me State” and their state flag is a symbol of pride for its residents. If you want to display the flag of Missouri, there are some important rules and guidelines you should follow to show your respect for the state and its history.

When to Fly the Flag

The flag of Missouri should be flown from sunrise to sunset. If you want to show your pride at night, you should make sure that the flag is illuminated. This can be done with outdoor lighting or by shining a spotlight on the flag.

Proper Use of the Flag

It is important to remember that the flag of Missouri should never touch the ground or be used as a decoration. If you want to display the flag indoors, it should be hung on a wall or placed on a flag stand. When displaying the flag outside, it should be flown on a flagpole, and it should be taken down during severe weather conditions.


By following these guidelines, you can show your respect for the state of Missouri and its history. Whether you’re displaying the flag at home or at an event, make sure you’re doing it correctly. With a little care and attention, you can show your pride for the Show-Me State in the best possible way.


In conclusion, the Missouri state flag is a beautiful and meaningful symbol of the state’s history and values. Its colors represent bravery, purity, and vigilance, while the seal symbolizes Missouri’s commitment to progress and prosperity. By understanding the flag’s history and symbolism, we can gain a deeper appreciation for this great state and its people. So let’s proudly display the flag of Missouri and celebrate all that makes it special!

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