What Does It Mean When Your Thumb Itches? (Symbolism & Superstition)

itchy thumb superstition

If you’ve ever wondered what it means when your thumb itches, you’re not alone.

Itchy body parts, whether it’s an itchy finger, itchy feet, or an itchy thumb, can have a variety of meanings. And they all have different implications according to culture and superstition.

One of the most popular beliefs about an itchy thumb is that it indicates money is coming your way. However, this is just one of the many meanings associated with an itchy thumb. In this article, we’ll explore some of the other interpretations of what an itchy thumb could mean. Let’s get started!

What are the main interpretations of an itchy thumb?

So the four main interpretations that are attributed to an itchy thumb are as follows:

  • Money is coming your way
  • You will be receiving some type of news or mail soon
  • You’re going to have a disagreement with someone close to you
  • You may be embarking on a journey or travel in the near future.

Let’s break these down a bit further so that you can understand the implications behind these interpretations a little better.

Money Is Coming Your Way

An itchy thumb is often believed to be a sign of good luck when it comes to money. This could mean anything from receiving an unexpected financial windfall or simply finding some spare change on the ground.

But generally, I’d like you to think a bit deeper – do you have the potential to make more money or receive a financial boost by taking a certain action? If so, then this could be an indication that you should take that risk and move forward.

You Will Receive Some Type Of News Or Mail Soon

It is also believed that if your thumb itches, you’re likely to receive some type of news or message in the near future. This could be anything from a letter, email, call, or text message.

This could even signify an invitation to a special event. However, the type of news you receive may not necessarily be good news. The key here is to pay attention to your gut feeling and follow up on any messages or notifications that come your way.

You’re Going To Have A Disagreement With Someone Close To You

This interpretation of an itchy thumb is a little more concerning, as it suggests you may be in for a disagreement with someone close to you.

It could suggest that someone who is important to you will not agree with your opinion or that you may be on the receiving end of a confrontation. It’s important to take this interpretation seriously and prepare yourself for any potential arguments that may arise.

You May Be Embarking On A Journey Or Travel In The Near Future

Finally, an itchy thumb could also signify that you are about to embark on a journey or travel in the near future. It could mean that a long-awaited trip is finally coming your way or even that you will be visiting someone soon.

Regardless of what it means for you specifically, this interpretation carries an air of excitement and adventure. So if your thumb starts itching, why not start planning that next great adventure?

Right Thumb Vs. Left Thumb Itchy Meaning

Generally speaking, the right side of your body is associated with positivity, and the left side is associated with, well, negativity.

Therefore, the right thumb itching would be a sign of something good coming your way, and the left thumb itching would mean something negative or bad news.

However, of course, these are superstitions, and the interpretation of an itchy thumb could be different depending on the person.

If you were to compare the four interpretations depending on your thumb, here’s how they would look:

Right ThumbLeft Thumb
Money You will be receiving money soonYou may have to give money away
New Or MailYou will receive good newsYou will receive bad news
ArgumentThere may be some disagreement, but it won’t be too seriousYou will have an argument with someone close to you
JourneyYou may embark on an exciting adventure soon.You may have to take a journey you don’t want to take

So, while these interpretations are all superstitions and should not be taken too seriously, they can still help provide some insight into where your life may be heading.


All in all, we can see why so many people are interested in the superstition of an itchy thumb. Not only does it provide a fun way to connect with those around us, but it also helps us gain some insight into what may be coming our way in the future.

So next time your thumb starts itching, think back on these interpretations and see if any of them fit in with what you’re experiencing. You might be surprised at the results.

Happy itching! 😁

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