What Are Libra Birthstone Colors? (Guide & Meanings)

Are you a Libra or do you know someone who is? If so, you may be curious about what the birthstone colors are for this zodiac sign. Birthstones have long been associated with different months and astrological signs, and they can have special meanings and significance. So, what are the Libra birthstone colors?

In this article, we’ll explore the birthstones that are associated with the Libra zodiac sign and delve into their meanings and symbolism. Whether you’re a Libra looking to embrace your birthstone colors or simply interested in the astrology of gemstones, keep reading to discover more.

What Are Libra Birthstone Colors?

Libra birthstone colors are specific gemstone colors that are associated with the astrological sign of Libra. These colors are believed to have special meanings and properties that align with the characteristics and energies of Libra individuals. In this section, we will explore the different birthstone colors for Libra and their symbolism.


Opal is one of the primary birthstones for Libra. This gemstone is known for its iridescent play of colors, which can include vibrant hues such as blue, green, and pink. Opal is believed to enhance harmony, balance, and creativity, making it a fitting birthstone for Libra individuals who value peace and artistic expression.


Peridot is another birthstone commonly associated with Libra. This gemstone is usually a bright green color and is believed to promote harmony, positivity, and renewal. Peridot is thought to bring good fortune and encourage a balanced and harmonious approach to life, which aligns well with the Libra personality.


Sapphire is a birthstone that is often linked to Libra as well. While sapphires are typically known for their deep blue color, they can also come in other colors such as pink, yellow, and green. Sapphire is believed to symbolize wisdom, loyalty, and inner peace, qualities that Libra individuals strive to embody in their relationships and personal growth.


Tourmaline is a versatile birthstone that can come in a variety of colors, including shades of green, pink, blue, and more. This gemstone is associated with balance, harmony, and protection. Tourmaline is believed to help Libra individuals maintain emotional equilibrium and foster positive relationships.

These are just a few examples of birthstone colors that are commonly associated with Libra. The specific birthstone for an individual born under the sign of Libra may vary depending on their birth date and personal preferences. Regardless of the specific birthstone, wearing jewelry or carrying gemstones in these colors can be a meaningful way for Libra individuals to connect with their astrological sign and harness its energies.

Crystals and Gemstones Associated with Libra

The Libra zodiac sign is associated with several crystals and gemstones that are believed to resonate with its energy. These stones are often used for enhancing the positive qualities of Libra individuals and helping them maintain balance and harmony in their lives. Here are some of the crystals and gemstones commonly associated with Libra:

  • Opal: Opal is a stunning gemstone that is often associated with beauty, love, and emotional balance. It is believed to enhance the harmonious nature of Libra individuals and promote harmony in relationships.
  • Peridot: Peridot is a bright green gemstone that is believed to bring balance, compassion, and harmony into the lives of Libra individuals. It is also associated with healing and renewal.
  • Aquamarine: Aquamarine is a light blue gemstone that is often associated with peace, tranquility, and clarity. It is believed to help Libra individuals communicate effectively and resolve conflicts.
  • Lapis Lazuli: Lapis Lazuli is a deep blue gemstone that is associated with truth, wisdom, and inner peace. It is believed to enhance the intellectual abilities of Libra individuals and promote spiritual growth.
  • Rose Quartz: Rose Quartz is a gentle pink crystal that is often associated with love, compassion, and emotional healing. It is believed to help Libra individuals attract love and maintain harmonious relationships.

These are just a few examples of the crystals and gemstones that are commonly associated with the Libra zodiac sign. Each stone has its own unique energy and properties, and different individuals may resonate with different stones. It is important to choose crystals and gemstones that feel right for you and align with your personal intentions and goals.

Symbolism and Meanings of Libra Birthstone Colors

The birthstone colors associated with Libra have deep symbolism and meaningful interpretations. Each color represents different aspects of Libra’s personality traits and characteristics. Let’s explore the symbolism and meanings of Libra birthstone colors:


Opal is one of the primary birthstones for Libra and is known for its mesmerizing play of colors. It symbolizes creativity, inspiration, and harmony. The shifting colors within opal reflect Libra’s ability to see different perspectives and bring balance to conflicting situations.


Peridot is another birthstone for Libra and is often associated with renewal, growth, and healing. Its green color represents vitality and abundance, reflecting Libra’s desire for harmony and peace in relationships.

Pink Tourmaline

Pink tourmaline is a birthstone that resonates with Libra’s energy. Its gentle pink color symbolizes love, compassion, and emotional balance. Pink tourmaline encourages Libra to embrace their emotions and create harmonious connections with others.

Lapis Lazuli

Lapis lazuli is a birthstone for Libra that embodies wisdom, truth, and inner power. Its deep blue color represents intellectual pursuits and the desire for justice. Lapis lazuli encourages Libra to seek balance through knowledge and understanding.

Blue Sapphire

Blue sapphire is another birthstone associated with Libra, representing loyalty, integrity, and wisdom. Its deep blue color symbolizes trust and communication, highlighting Libra’s strong sense of justice and fairness in relationships.

Each birthstone color holds unique symbolism and meanings that resonate with Libra’s personality traits and aspirations. Wearing jewelry adorned with Libra birthstone colors can serve as a reminder of these qualities and help Libra align with their true self.

Choosing and Wearing Libra Birthstone Jewelry

When it comes to choosing and wearing Libra birthstone jewelry, there are several factors to consider. Libra birthstones are believed to bring balance, harmony, and positive energy to those who wear them. Here are some tips for selecting and wearing Libra birthstone jewelry:

  • Choose the right birthstone: Libra is associated with two birthstones – Opal and Tourmaline. Opal is known for its iridescent play of colors and symbolizes love, passion, and creativity. Tourmaline comes in various colors and is believed to enhance emotional well-being and promote balance.
  • Consider your personal style: Look for Libra birthstone jewelry that aligns with your personal style and preferences. Whether you prefer delicate and dainty pieces or bold and statement-making designs, there are plenty of options available.
  • Choose the right metal: Consider the metal that complements your birthstone and skin tone. Options like sterling silver, yellow gold, rose gold, and white gold can enhance the beauty of your birthstone.
  • Wear it with intention: When wearing Libra birthstone jewelry, set an intention or affirmation related to the qualities and energies you wish to attract. It can serve as a reminder to strive for balance, harmony, and positive relationships.
  • Pair it with other meaningful pieces: Libra birthstone jewelry can be paired with other meaningful and symbolic pieces to create a layered and personalized look. Consider adding pieces that represent qualities or intentions you want to embody.
  • Take care of your jewelry: Properly care for your Libra birthstone jewelry to maintain its beauty and durability. Follow care instructions provided by the jeweler and consider removing the jewelry before engaging in activities that may damage or expose it to harsh chemicals or extreme temperatures.

By carefully choosing and wearing Libra birthstone jewelry, you can embrace the symbolism and energies associated with your birthstone and enhance your overall sense of balance and harmony.

Popular Libra Birthstone Jewelry Styles

When it comes to Libra birthstone jewelry, there are several popular styles that incorporate the vibrant colors and energies of the gemstones. These jewelry styles can be both fashionable and meaningful, allowing individuals born under the Libra zodiac sign to showcase their birthstone in unique and personal ways. Here are some popular Libra birthstone jewelry styles to consider:

1. Birthstone Rings

Birthstone rings are a classic option for showcasing your Libra birthstone. Whether you prefer a dainty band with a single stone or a statement ring with multiple birthstones, there are plenty of styles to choose from. You can opt for a minimalist design or a more elaborate setting, depending on your personal style.

2. Pendant Necklaces

Pendant necklaces are another popular choice for Libra birthstone jewelry. A necklace with a pendant featuring your birthstone can be a beautiful and meaningful accessory. You can choose a simple pendant with a single stone or a more intricate design that incorporates other elements related to your zodiac sign.

3. Bracelets

Bracelets are a versatile and stylish option for Libra birthstone jewelry. You can choose a charm bracelet with birthstone charms or a cuff bracelet with a large birthstone centerpiece. There are also beaded bracelets available with Libra birthstones that can add a pop of color to your wrist.

4. Earrings

Earrings are a great way to incorporate your Libra birthstone into your everyday style. You can choose simple stud earrings with your birthstone or opt for more elaborate designs such as dangling earrings or hoops. The choice of style depends on your personal taste and preference.

5. Birthstone Watches

If you’re looking for a unique and functional piece of Libra birthstone jewelry, consider a birthstone watch. These watches feature a birthstone in the face or as part of the strap. Not only do they tell time, but they also serve as a stylish accessory that represents your birthstone.

6. Anklets

If you want to show off your Libra birthstone in a unique way, consider an anklet with a birthstone charm or beads. Anklets can be a subtle yet stylish way to incorporate your birthstone into your look. Choose a design that complements your personal style and can be worn with different outfits.

These are just a few popular styles of Libra birthstone jewelry that you can choose from. Whether you prefer a ring, necklace, bracelet, earrings, watch, or anklet, there are plenty of options that allow you to showcase your birthstone with style and elegance.

Benefits of Wearing Libra Birthstones

1. Balancing Energy:

Libra birthstones are believed to help bring balance to the energy of those born under the Libra zodiac sign. They can help balance emotions, thoughts, and actions, promoting a sense of equilibrium and harmony.

2. Enhancing Communication:

Wearing Libra birthstones is thought to enhance communication skills and promote effective expression of thoughts and emotions. They can help improve relationships and promote clear and diplomatic communication.

3. Strengthening Relationships:

Libra birthstones are associated with fostering positive and harmonious relationships. They are believed to attract love and strengthen existing partnerships, bringing harmony and understanding to both romantic and platonic connections.

4. Promoting Confidence:

Wearing Libra birthstones can boost self-confidence and self-esteem. They are believed to help individuals feel more secure in their decisions and abilities, enhancing their overall sense of self-worth.

5. Enhancing Intuition:

Libra birthstones are said to enhance intuition and psychic abilities. They can help individuals trust their instincts and make decisions based on inner guidance, promoting a deeper sense of self-awareness and spiritual connection.

By wearing Libra birthstones, individuals can experience these benefits and tap into the unique energies associated with their zodiac sign. It is important to choose a birthstone that resonates with you personally to experience the most profound effects.

Cleansing and Charging Libra Birthstones

Cleansing and charging your Libra birthstones is an important step in maintaining their energetic properties and keeping them in optimal condition. Here are some methods you can use to cleanse and charge your Libra birthstones:

  • Sunlight: Place your birthstones in direct sunlight for a few hours to absorb the energy of the sun.
  • Moonlight: Leave your birthstones outside overnight during a full moon to cleanse and recharge them with the moon’s energy.
  • Water: Rinse your birthstones under running water to cleanse them of any negative energy. You can also place them in a bowl of water and leave them overnight to soak up the cleansing properties of water.
  • Sound: Use sound vibrations to cleanse your birthstones. You can do this by ringing a bell or playing a singing bowl near your stones.
  • Crystal Grid: Create a crystal grid using other cleansing stones, such as selenite or clear quartz, and place your Libra birthstones on the grid overnight to cleanse and charge them.
  • Smudging: Pass your birthstones through the smoke of cleansing herbs, such as sage or palo santo, to clear away any negative energy.

Remember to trust your intuition when choosing a cleansing method for your birthstones. You can also combine different methods or create your own rituals based on what feels right to you. Regularly cleansing and charging your Libra birthstones will help enhance their energetic properties and keep them aligned with your intentions and desires.

Libra Birthstone Color Guide and Meanings

In astrology, each zodiac sign is associated with specific birthstone colors that are believed to enhance the qualities and characteristics of individuals born under that sign. For Libra, the birthstone colors are opal and tourmaline. These gemstones are known for their beauty and metaphysical properties that align with the traits of Libra individuals.

Opal Birthstone Color

Opal, the primary birthstone for Libra, is known for its dazzling display of colors. This gemstone can exhibit a variety of colors, including white, black, gray, blue, green, yellow, orange, and red. The opalescent play-of-color is what makes opal truly unique and mesmerizing. The different colors within the opal reflect the various qualities and aspects of Libra, such as balance, harmony, creativity, and diplomacy.

Tourmaline Birthstone Colors

Tourmaline is another birthstone associated with Libra and is available in a wide range of colors. The most common colors of tourmaline include pink, green, blue, yellow, and black. Each color of tourmaline carries its own symbolism and energy that can resonate with different aspects of a Libra’s personality. For example, pink tourmaline is often associated with love, compassion, and emotional healing, while green tourmaline is believed to promote balance, abundance, and growth.

Meanings of Libra Birthstone Colors

The birthstone colors of opal and tourmaline for Libra have specific meanings that align with the qualities and traits of this zodiac sign. Here are the meanings associated with each birthstone color:

  • White: Purity, clarity, and balance
  • Black: Protection, grounding, and transformation
  • Gray: Wisdom, neutrality, and stability
  • Blue: Communication, intuition, and peace
  • Green: Harmony, growth, and abundance
  • Yellow: Joy, optimism, and creativity
  • Orange: Energy, enthusiasm, and confidence
  • Red: Passion, courage, and strength

By incorporating birthstone colors into jewelry or wearing accessories featuring opal or tourmaline, Libras can enhance their connection with these qualities and tap into the positive energies associated with their birthstone colors.


Understanding the birthstone colors associated with the zodiac sign Libra can not only enhance your style but also bring you a sense of balance and harmony in your life. The colors of the birthstones for Libra, including clear crystals like Clear Quartz and vibrant gemstones like Opal and Peridot, have unique meanings and symbolize different aspects of the Libra personality.

By choosing and wearing Libra birthstone jewelry, you can tap into the benefits and energies associated with these stones. Remember to cleanse and charge your birthstones regularly to ensure that they are working at their full potential. Whether you prefer delicate and feminine styles or bold and eye-catching designs, there are plenty of popular Libra birthstone jewelry options to choose from that will align with your personal style and enhance your Libra qualities.

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