Plumeria Flower: Symbolism, Meanings, and History

plumeria flower symbolism meanings

The plumeria flower is a beautiful and fragrant flower that has a rich history and symbolism associated with it. The flower is native to Central and South America and has a wide range of meanings in different cultures. In Hawaii, the plumeria flower is a symbol of love and is often used in leis. The flowers can also symbolize new beginnings, purity, and grace. In this post, we will explore the history, current uses, and symbolism of the Plumeria flower in more depth.

What Is a Plumeria Flower?

The Plumeria flower has been around for centuries and is native to Central America. In the present day, they are often used in leis or as decoration in Hawaiian-themed weddings. The flowers can also be found in a variety of colors, including pink, white, yellow, and purple. Plumeria flowers are also known to symbolize new beginnings, positivity, and good luck.

The History of Plumeria Flower

A Plumeria Flower has a rich history that is full of symbolism. The flower is native to Mexico, Central America, and the Caribbean. It is also known as the Frangipani or Pagoda Tree. The Plumeria Flower has been used in religious ceremonies for centuries. The flowers are believed to have healing properties and are often used in leis. 

The Plumeria Flower is most commonly associated with Hawaii. In Hawaii, the flower is known as the Lei flower. The Lei is a symbol of love and friendship. The Plumeria Flower is also associated with funerals in Hawaii. The flowers are often used in leis that are placed on gravesites. 

The Plumeria Flower has a unique appearance. The flowers are usually white or pink and have a strong fragrance. The petals of the flower are thin and delicate. Plumeria Flowers can be found growing on trees or shrubs. They can also be found in gardens or landscaped areas.

plumeria flower symbolism

Plumeria Flower Symbolism and Meanings

The Plumeria Flower has many different meanings and symbols associated with it. Here are some of the most popular ones:

  • The Plumeria Flower is a symbol of new beginnings.
  • It is also a symbol of good luck, as it is seen as a bringer of good fortune.
  • Plumeria Flowers are also associated with love and romance and are often given as gifts to loved ones.
  • They are also seen as a symbol of healing, as they are known to have medicinal properties.

The Spiritual Meaning of a Plumeria Flower

The Plumeria flower is often associated with spirituality, as it is believed to hold a number of benefits. These benefits include:

  • The Plumeria flower is believed to help in the connection with the spiritual realm.
  • The Plumeria flower is also believed to be helpful in promoting peace and relaxation.
  • The Plumeria flower is also believed to be helpful in providing strength and energy.

Uses of Plumeria Flower

Flowers are one of the most beautiful and serene things on planet Earth. They have been used for centuries to symbolize love, appreciation, and gratitude. The plumeria flower is native to tropical regions and is commonly used in leis, or garlands. In Hawaii, the plumeria flower is known as the “flower of love.”

Here are some of the different ways you can use plumeria flowers:

  • As a decoration in your home
  • In a vase
  • As a centerpiece
  • In a bouquet
  • As a boutonniere
  • As a hair accessory
  • As a lei

Plumeria Flower Tattoo Meaning

Plumeria flowers are very delicate and have a very feminine look to them. They are often used in Hawaiian and Polynesian-themed tattoo designs. Plumeria Flowers represent beauty, innocence, and purity. They are also associated with love, passion, and new beginnings.

Plumeria Flower Essential Oil Meaning

Plumeria Flower essential oil is beneficial because it can be used to help alleviate anxiety and stress. The oil is extracted from the flowers of the plumeria tree, which is native to tropical regions. 

The physical benefits of Plumeria Flower essential oil include its ability to soothe and calm the skin. The meanings of Plumeria Flower essential oil vary depending on culture and tradition, but it is generally associated with happiness, love, and peace.


As you can see, Plumeria flowers have many different meanings and symbolism associated with them. For example, they can be seen as a symbol of new beginnings or as a way to express affection. Plumeria flowers are also associated with paradise, which makes them a popular choice for tattoos and other body art. Whether you are looking for a beautiful tattoo design or just want to enjoy the beauty of these flowers, Plumeria flowers are sure to please.

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