10 Symbols of Friendship: Meaning And Significance

symbols of friendship

Friendship is a beautiful and valuable thing, and throughout history, various symbols have been used to represent this special bond. From simple gestures to meaningful objects, these symbols can help express the love, trust, and support that exists between friends.

In this article, we will explore 10 different symbols of friendship, each with its own unique meaning and significance. Whether you want to celebrate a long-lasting friendship or show your appreciation to a new friend, these symbols can serve as a heartfelt reminder of the special connection you share.


The heart is a universal symbol of love, affection, and friendship. It represents the emotional connection and bond between friends. In many cultures, the heart shape is commonly used to convey feelings of love and deep friendship.

The heart symbolizes the qualities that define a strong and lasting friendship, such as compassion, care, and understanding. It reminds us to appreciate and cherish the relationships we have with our friends and to express our affection towards them.

In the context of friendship, the heart symbol can be seen in various forms, such as heart-shaped cards, heart emojis in text messages, or heart-shaped trinkets and gifts. These symbols serve as reminders of the love and friendship we share with those closest to us.

Additionally, the heart symbolizes the importance of emotional well-being and support in friendships. It encourages us to be there for our friends during both the joyful and challenging moments of life. Just as the heart is central to our physical well-being, emotional connection and support are central to strong and healthy friendships.

Overall, the heart symbol serves as a powerful reminder of the love, affection, and emotional bond shared between friends. It is a symbol that transcends language and cultural barriers, representing the universal value of friendship and the deep connections we have with one another.


Hugging is a universal symbol of friendship and affection. It is a physical gesture that conveys warmth, comfort, and support between friends. When we hug someone, it creates a sense of connection and promotes feelings of happiness and wellbeing.

Hugs can also have various meanings depending on the context and relationship between friends. They can be a way to greet or say goodbye to each other, to congratulate or console each other, or simply to express care and love. Hugging can be a powerful way to communicate without words and to show our friends that we are there for them.

Research has shown that hugging has numerous health benefits. It can help reduce stress, lower blood pressure, and boost the immune system. It releases oxytocin, also known as the “feel-good” hormone, which promotes feelings of trust and bonding. Hugging can improve our overall emotional well-being and strengthen our friendships.

It’s important to remember that not everyone is comfortable with physical touch, so it’s essential to be mindful of personal boundaries and respect the wishes of our friends. If someone is not a hugger, we can show our friendship in other ways, such as through kind words, acts of service, or spending quality time together.

In conclusion, hugging is a powerful symbol of friendship that conveys warmth, support, and affection. It has numerous health benefits and can improve our emotional well-being. However, it’s important to respect personal boundaries and find other ways to show our friendship if physical touch is not preferred.


The handshake is a universal symbol of friendship, trust, and respect. It is a common greeting used in many cultures to establish a connection between individuals. The act of shaking hands involves clasping the hands of another person and briefly moving them up and down in a vertical motion.

The handshake has deep historical roots and has been practiced for centuries. It is believed to have originated as a gesture of peace and non-aggression, dating back to ancient times when individuals would extend their empty right hand to show that they were not holding a weapon.

In the context of friendship, a handshake is often used as a way to greet and welcome someone, as well as to show appreciation and mutual understanding. It can be a formal or informal gesture, depending on the situation and cultural norms.

Beyond its symbolic meaning, the handshake also has practical benefits. It allows individuals to physically connect and establish a sense of rapport. It can convey sincerity and openness, and can help break the ice in social or professional settings.

However, it is important to note that cultural norms and personal preferences may influence the appropriateness and frequency of handshakes. Some individuals may prefer other forms of greeting, such as hugs or bows, while others may have personal preferences regarding physical contact.

Breaking Bread Together

Throughout history, breaking bread together has been a symbol of friendship, camaraderie, and shared experiences. Sharing a meal has a way of bringing people together, fostering connection, and building bonds of friendship. Whether it’s a casual get-together or a formal gathering, the act of breaking bread together holds significant meaning in many cultures around the world.

The act of breaking bread symbolizes hospitality, generosity, and a willingness to share. It is an opportunity to come together, put aside differences, and enjoy each other’s company. In many cultures, sharing a meal is seen as an expression of friendship, love, and goodwill.

Breaking bread together also has deeper cultural and religious significance. In some religious traditions, sharing a meal is a way to express gratitude, give thanks, and strengthen spiritual bonds. It can be a symbol of unity, peace, and a reminder of common values.

In addition to its symbolic value, breaking bread together also has practical benefits. It allows friends to catch up, share stories, and create lasting memories. It provides an opportunity to learn about different cuisines and culinary traditions, expanding one’s horizons and fostering cultural appreciation.

In today’s fast-paced and digital world, taking the time to break bread together can be a simple yet powerful way to nurture friendships and create meaningful connections. Whether it’s a homemade meal, a potluck, or a shared dining experience at a restaurant, breaking bread together offers a chance to slow down, savor the moment, and strengthen the bonds of friendship.

Trinity Knot

The Trinity Knot, also known as the Triquetra, is a traditional Celtic symbol representing the interconnectedness of three elements or forces. It consists of three loops that intertwine with each other, forming a continuous knot with no beginning or end. The three loops are often said to symbolize different aspects of life, such as past, present, and future or mind, body, and spirit.

In the context of friendship, the Trinity Knot represents the strong bond between three friends. It signifies the unity, loyalty, and eternal connection shared among them. Just as the three loops are inseparable, so are the three friends who support and cherish each other through thick and thin.

The Trinity Knot can be found in various forms of jewelry, such as pendants, rings, or bracelets, making it a meaningful gift to symbolize friendship. Wearing or gifting a Trinity Knot jewelry serves as a constant reminder of the enduring friendship and the importance of the three friends’ connection.

It is worth noting that the Trinity Knot has roots in Celtic mythology and has been associated with various interpretations and meanings throughout history. While the symbol has gained popularity as a representation of friendship, its significance may vary depending on personal beliefs and cultural associations.


The dove is a symbol of friendship that dates back to ancient times. In various cultures and religions, the dove is associated with peace, love, and friendship. One of the most well-known instances of the dove as a symbol of friendship is the story of Noah’s Ark in the Bible. According to the story, Noah sent out a dove to find dry land after the great flood, and when it returned with an olive branch, it symbolized the end of the flood and the beginning of a new friendship between humans and animals.

In addition to its biblical significance, the dove is also associated with friendship in Greek and Roman mythology. The Greek goddess Aphrodite, who represents love and beauty, is often depicted with a flock of doves around her. In Roman mythology, the goddess Venus, who is equivalent to Aphrodite, is also often depicted with doves as a symbol of love and friendship.

The dove has continued to be a symbol of friendship in modern times. It is often used as a motif in artwork, jewelry, and greeting cards to represent friendship and peace. The dove’s gentle and peaceful nature, along with its association with love and loyalty, makes it a fitting symbol for friendship.

Friendship Bracelets

Friendship bracelets are a popular symbol of friendship that are often exchanged between friends as a token of their bond. These bracelets are typically handmade and have been around for centuries, with origins in various cultures around the world. Friendship bracelets can be made using a variety of materials, such as embroidery floss, beads, or threads, and they come in different patterns and designs.

The act of giving and receiving a friendship bracelet signifies a special connection between friends and symbolizes the bond they share. It is a tangible reminder of the friendship and serves as a constant reminder of the love and support they have for each other. Some friends may even choose to make matching bracelets as a symbol of their unity.

Friendship bracelets can hold sentimental value and can carry the memories of shared experiences. In addition to being a symbol of friendship, these bracelets can also serve as a fashion statement, allowing individuals to showcase their unique style and personality.

Exchanging friendship bracelets can be a meaningful gesture to show appreciation and care for a friend. It is a way to celebrate the bond and create a lasting memento of the friendship. Whether given as a gift for a special occasion or simply as a spontaneous gesture of love, friendship bracelets hold significance in the world of friendship symbols.

In addition to friendship bracelets, there are various other symbols of friendship that hold meaning and significance. Some of these symbols include the heart, hugging, handshake, breaking bread together, Trinity Knot, dove, loyalty tattoos, interlocking circles, and the Chinese friendship symbol. Each of these symbols represents aspects of friendship and can be used to express the bond between friends in different ways.

Loyalty Tattoos

Loyalty tattoos are a unique and meaningful way to symbolize friendship. These tattoos often feature symbols or designs that represent loyalty, trust, and lifelong commitment. They can serve as a permanent reminder of the bond between friends and the values they hold dear. Loyalty tattoos can be a shared experience between friends, as they choose and get inked with matching or complementary designs. These tattoos are a visual representation of the deep connection and trust between friends.

Popular loyalty tattoo designs include symbols like infinity symbols, hearts, anchors, or birds in flight. These designs can hold personal significance and reflect the shared experiences, inside jokes, or common interests of the friends. Some loyalty tattoos also incorporate meaningful quotes or words that convey the strong bond between friends. The placement of these tattoos can vary, with some friends opting for matching designs on the wrist, forearm, or even as finger tattoos.

Loyalty tattoos can be a source of strength and support during challenging times. They serve as a constant reminder of the unwavering friendship and loyalty shared between friends. When a friend sees their loyalty tattoo, they are reminded of the trust, love, and support they have in their friend. These tattoos also act as a sign of commitment, as friends who choose to get a loyalty tattoo together are making a lifelong pledge to be there for each other.

It is important to carefully consider the decision to get a loyalty tattoo. Tattoos are permanent, and while the friendship may last a lifetime, personal preferences and interests might change over time. It is crucial to choose a design and symbol that hold deep meaning and significance for both friends. Seeking the services of a reputable tattoo artist who specializes in small, delicate designs can help ensure that the loyalty tattoo is executed flawlessly and represents the friendship accurately.

Overall, loyalty tattoos can be a powerful way to symbolize the special bond between friends. They serve as a constant reminder of the loyalty, trust, and love shared between individuals. Before getting a loyalty tattoo, it is important to have open and honest discussions with friends and to carefully consider the design and symbol that best represents the friendship. With careful thought and consideration, loyalty tattoos can be a beautiful and meaningful tribute to lifelong friendships.

Interlocking Circles

Interlocking circles are a powerful symbol of friendship that represent the strong bond and connection between friends. This symbol is often depicted as two or more circles intertwined or overlapping with each other. The interlocking circles can symbolize the idea of unity, support, and loyalty that are essential in any strong friendship.

The interlocking circles represent the idea that friends are there for each other through thick and thin, offering support and understanding. The circles intertwine to show that friends are connected and rely on each other, forming a strong bond that can withstand the test of time.

This symbol of friendship can be seen in various forms of artwork, jewelry, and tattoos. Many people choose to wear interlocking circle jewelry, such as necklaces or bracelets, as a reminder of their close friendships. Others may opt for a tattoo of interlocking circles as a permanent symbol of their bond with their friends.

The interlocking circles also serve as a reminder of the importance of loyalty in friendship. Just as the circles are connected and intertwined, friends should always remain loyal and trustworthy to each other. This symbol encourages friends to support one another, celebrate each other’s successes, and offer a shoulder to lean on during challenging times.

In conclusion, the interlocking circles symbolize the strong bond and connection between friends. This symbol serves as a reminder of the unity, support, and loyalty that are essential in any lasting and meaningful friendship.

Chinese Friendship Symbol

In Chinese culture, there are various symbols that represent the concept of friendship. One of the most well-known symbols is the Chinese character “友” (yǒu), which directly translates to “friend.” This character is often depicted in calligraphy and is considered a powerful representation of the bond between friends. It serves as a reminder of the enduring nature of friendship and the importance of cherishing those relationships.

Another symbol of friendship in Chinese culture is the image of two hands intertwined. This gesture represents unity, harmony, and mutual support between friends. It symbolizes the strength of the relationship and the idea that friends are there for each other, even in difficult times. This symbol is often used in artwork or as a tattoo to commemorate a meaningful friendship.

The Chinese character for “friendship” is also commonly incorporated into various Chinese symbols and sayings that convey the importance of friendship. For example, the phrase “知己知彼,百战不殆” (zhī jǐ zhī bǐ, bǎi zhàn bù dài) translates to “know yourself and know your enemy, and you will never be defeated.” This phrase emphasizes the value of having a close friend who understands you deeply and can offer support and guidance.

Additionally, the Chinese culture places great importance on the act of gift-giving as a symbol of friendship. Offering a thoughtful gift to a friend is seen as an expression of gratitude and appreciation. Traditional Chinese gifts often have symbolic meanings, such as the gift of a potted plant representing growth and longevity or the gift of tea symbolizing harmony and peacefulness.

Overall, Chinese culture holds friendship in high regard and has various symbols and expressions to represent this bond. Whether through calligraphy, artwork, sayings, or gift-giving, these symbols serve as a reminder of the value of friendship and the importance of nurturing those connections.


Friendship is a bond that has been celebrated and symbolized throughout history, across various cultures and traditions. Whether it’s through a heart shape, a warm hug, or a simple handshake, these symbols of friendship remind us of the importance of connection and companionship in our lives.

So, whether you are exchanging friendship bracelets, getting loyalty tattoos, or sharing a meal with a friend, remember that these symbols hold special meaning and represent the cherished relationships in our lives. Embrace the symbols of friendship and let them serve as a reminder to appreciate and nurture the bonds you have with your loved ones.

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