What Does 4L Mean In Rap? Explained & Decoded

Have you ever wondered what the phrase “4L” means in rap music? Coined by artists like 21 Savage and Young Nudy, this abbreviation has gained popularity in the rap community. In this article, we’ll decode the meaning of “4L” and explore its significance in the hip-hop genre.

The phrase “4L” is an abbreviation for “for life.” It is often used to express loyalty, strong connections, and a sense of permanence. Synonymous with “forever,” this term signifies a long-lasting commitment or bond. Artists like 21 Savage and Young Nudy have popularized the use of “4L” in their lyrics, highlighting its importance in conveying their dedication and loyalty. Join us as we dive deeper into the meaning and usage of “4L” in rap music.

Origin and Usage of “4L” in Rap

“4L” is a term commonly used in rap music that stands for “for life.” It originated in the rap scenes of Atlanta and was popularized by artists like 21 Savage and Young Nudy. The term is often used to convey a sense of loyalty, longevity, and commitment to a certain lifestyle or group. It represents a strong bond and dedication that extends beyond temporary circumstances or situations.

One example sentence that illustrates the usage of “4L” is: “When the multi million dollar deal went through, he was set 4L.” This sentence shows how the term can be used to express a permanent state of success or fulfillment.

Understanding the slang and terminology used in rap music is important for fully appreciating the lyrics and messages conveyed by artists. “4L” is just one example of the unique language and culture that rap music embodies, and exploring its meaning can provide deeper insights into the themes and emotions expressed in the genre.

Meaning and Context of “4L”

In the world of rap music, “4L” is an abbreviation that stands for “for life.” It is often used to express a strong and unwavering loyalty or commitment to someone or something. The term has gained popularity in rap culture, especially through the influence of artists like 21 Savage and Young Nudy, who have used it in their lyrics and conversations.

  • Synonyms: A synonym for “4L” is “forever,” emphasizing the enduring nature of the commitment.
  • Common Usage in Rap Music: Artists frequently incorporate “4L” in their lyrics to show their dedication to their craft, their crew, or their neighborhood. It can also be used to highlight long-lasting success or a lasting legacy.
  • Importance of Understanding Rap Slang and Terminology: Understanding rap slang and terminology is crucial for fully appreciating and interpreting the messages and themes in rap music. Slang words and abbreviations like “4L” add layers of meaning and cultural significance to the lyrics, allowing listeners to connect on a deeper level with the artists and their experiences.

By decoding the meaning and connotations of “4L” in the context of rap music, we can gain insights into the themes of loyalty, longevity, and success that are frequently celebrated within the genre. In the next section, we will explore specific examples of rap lyrics that feature the term “4L.”

Examples of “4L” in Rap Lyrics

1. “a lot” by 21 Savage ft. J. Cole

“4L Gang, we don’t sleep, yeah”

2. “4L” by Young Nudy

“4L, that’s my gang, yeah we started this shit”

3. “4L” by Lil Baby

“4L, I put that on gang”

4. “4L” by Lil Durk

“4L in this bitch, it ain’t no other way”

5. “4L” by Lil Keed

“4L, I’ma ride for my gang, never switch up”

These are just a few examples of rap lyrics that include the term “4L,” signaling loyalty, dedication, and support for their gang or crew.

Decoding the Connotations of “4L”

In the context of rap music, the term “4L” carries deeper connotations that go beyond its literal meaning as “for life.” It has become a symbol of loyalty, longevity, and success within the rap community. Understanding these connotations is important for appreciating the significance of “4L” in rap lyrics. Here is a brief paragraph followed by a bullet list explaining the themes associated with “4L” in rap:

  • Loyalty: “4L” is often used to denote unwavering loyalty to a person, group, or lifestyle. It signifies a deep commitment and dedication, emphasizing the importance of loyalty in rap culture.
  • Longevity: By proclaiming “4L,” artists express their desire for lasting success and relevance in the rap industry. It represents the aspiration to have a lasting impact and continue making music for a lifetime.
  • Success: “4L” is associated with achieving long-term success in rap. It signifies financial stability, career accomplishments, and the ability to leave a legacy in the music industry.

Overall, “4L” carries a sense of loyalty, longevity, and success that resonates with rap artists and fans alike. It celebrates the values and aspirations of the rap community, highlighting the importance of dedication and the pursuit of greatness in rap music.


Understanding rap slang and terminology is essential for fully appreciating and connecting with the music. One term that has gained prominence in the rap world is “4L,” which stands for “for life.” Popularized by artists like 21 Savage and Young Nudy, this term encapsulates ideas of loyalty, longevity, and success within the rap community.

As rap lyrics often serve as a reflection of personal experiences and aspirations, the use of “4L” carries deep connotations. It signifies a commitment to one’s beliefs and the pursuit of lasting success. To truly grasp the meaning behind “4L” and its significance in rap music, it’s important to explore the themes and messages embedded within the lyrics of these artists.

So the next time you come across “4L” in rap lyrics, you’ll have a deeper understanding of its connotations and the values it represents. Stay engaged with the ever-evolving language of rap, and you’ll continue to appreciate and connect with the music on a whole new level.

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