Which Way Should a Unalome Face?

A unalome is a highly spiritual symbol representing the journey to enlightenment and understanding one’s true self.

When it comes to jewelry and tattoo designs, the biggest question people tend to ask is which way the unalome should face. Traditionally, the unalome is meant to point towards the sky, as this is a reminder of one’s spiritual journey and striving for something greater.

However, what does it mean if the unalome faces down? Or left? Or sideways? In this article, we’ll take a look at the various directions the unalome can face, and what each direction symbolizes.

Why Does The Direction Of The Unalome Matter?

First off, let’s take a look at why we should even care about which way the unalome points. The answer lies in the spiritual teachings behind this ancient design. Buddhists believe that life is a journey of enlightenment, and so the symbol of the unalome is meant to remind us that we are all on a path toward understanding and clarity. The direction that it faces is also symbolic, as it can represent a step forward or backward in life.

For example, if the unalome points up, this could signify ascending to new spiritual heights and reaching for the stars. On the other hand, if it points down, this could mean that one is descending into darkness and despair.

The Different Directions Of The Unalome

Now that we understand why direction matters to the unalome symbol let’s look at what each of these directions signifies.

If the unalome faces upwards, it typically signifies an ascension into a higher spiritual plane. This is the traditional way that unalome is meant to be seen, as it reminds us of our journey and striving for something greater.

If the unalome faces down, this can signify a descent into darkness or despair. It could mean that one has lost their spiritual path and is heading in the wrong direction. However – this isn’t necessarily a bad thing. This could be an indication that one is learning from their mistakes and will eventually find the right path.

If the unalome faces left, this can signify journeying into the unknown. This position could also mean that one needs to take a detour from their original plan and find new opportunities.

Finally, if the unalome faces right, it typically symbolizes a transition into a new phase in life. This direction could represent a change of heart or an awakening to something new.

Unalome Tattoo Facing Direction

When it comes to unalome tattoos, the same rules apply. No matter which direction you choose, there will always be a spiritual message behind it. Think carefully about what type of journey you want your tattoo to represent, and let that guide your decision.

The biggest difference between tattoos vs jewelry is that a tattoo is permanent. So make sure that you are 100% happy with the direction of your unalome before you get it inked.


Although the unalome is traditionally meant t be seen facing upwards, the direction it faces really depends on your own individual journey. Think carefully about what kind of message you want to convey and let that guide your decision.

No matter which direction you choose, remember that the unalome symbolizes a spiritual journey – so keep striving for something greater. Embrace it, learn from it, and find your unique path to enlightenment and understanding one’s true self.

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