Freesia Flower: Symbolism, Meanings, and History

freesia flower symbolism meaning and history

The Freesia Flower is a beautiful and unique flower with a rich history and many different meanings. This flower is native to South Africa and is a member of the iris family. The Freesia Flower has long been associated with purity, innocence, and hope. In recent years, the Freesia Flower has also been associated with courage and strength. In this article, we will take a closer look at the Freesia flower, including its history, uses, and symbolism.

What Is a Freesia Flower?

The freesia flower is a beautiful and fragrant bloom that is native to South Africa. The freesia was first introduced to Europe in the early 19th century and has been a popular garden plant ever since. The freesia symbolizes innocence and friendship and is often used in bouquets and floral arrangements.

The History of Freesia Flower

Freesia flowers are native to South Africa and were first discovered in the wild by Scottish botanist Robert Sweet. He named the flower after Friedrich Freese, a German botanist. The Freesia is a member of the Iris family, and its scientific name is freesia alba.

The Freesia flower has many different symbolic meanings associated with it. In general, the Freesia symbolizes innocence, friendship, and thoughtfulness. However, each color of Freesia has its own specific meaning. For example, white Freesias represent purity and innocence, while yellow Freesias represent happiness and joy. Pink Freesias represent love and affection, while red Freesias symbolize passion and desire.

The beautiful fragrance of the Freesia Flowers is another one of its defining characteristics. The scent of the Freesia Flower is described as being sweet and slightly spicy with hints of vanilla or almond. This makes the Freesia Flower a popular choice for use in perfumes and aromatherapy products.

If you are looking for a gift that conveys any of these sentiments, consider giving a bouquet of Freesia Flowers!

freesia flower symbolism

Freesia Flower Symbolism and Meanings

The Freesia Flower is a beautiful and fragrant flower that has many different meanings. Here are some of the most popular symbolism and meanings associated with the Freesia Flower: 

  • Freesia Flowers symbolize innocence, friendship, and purity. They are often given as gifts to friends or loved ones to show appreciation and admiration. 
  • The Freesia Flower is also said to represent new beginnings. If you are starting a new chapter in your life, consider giving someone close to you a bouquet of Freesias as a way of wishing them well on this new journey. 
  • Freesias can also be used to express sympathy. The delicate petals and sweet fragrance of the Freesia make it a perfect choice for sending condolences to those who have lost a loved one.

The Spiritual Meaning of a Freesia Flower

When it comes to the spiritual meaning of the Freesia Flower, it is said to be a symbol of innocence and purity. This flower is also known to represent trust, wisdom, and faithfulness. As far as the benefits of this flower go, it is said to be helpful in promoting peace, calming the mind, and relieving stress.

Uses of Freesia Flower

Flowers can be used for many things. The main use of the freesia flower is to express love and appreciation. Freesia Flower can also be used:

  • As a decoration
  • To make perfumes
  • In potpourri
  • To make tea

Freesia Flower Tattoo Meaning

Tattoos are a beautiful way to show your personality and what you believe in. They can be small and delicate or big and bold. Freesia flower tattoos are a popular choice for many people because they are unique and have a range of different meanings.

There are many different ways that you can incorporate a freesia flower tattoo into your design. You could have a small tattoo of a single flower on your wrist or a larger design with multiple flowers and leaves. You could also add other elements to your tattoos such as a butterfly or a quote.

A freesia flower tattoo can symbolize a range of things, such as purity, innocence, and new beginnings. If you are looking for a tattoo that is full of meaning, then a freesia flower tattoo could be the perfect choice for you.

Freesia Flower Essential Oil Meaning

Freesia Flower essential oil is beneficial because it can be used to help regulate emotions and is also helpful in treating anxiety and depression. The oil is also said to be helpful in treating PMS and menopause symptoms. Freesia Flower essential oil is extracted from the flowers of the Freesia plant.

The physical benefits of Freesia Flower essential oil include its ability to help improve circulation, reduce inflammation, and ease muscle pain. The oil is also said to be helpful in treating skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis.

The meanings of Freesia Flower essential oil include happiness, innocence, and purity. The oil is also said to represent new beginnings, fresh starts, and hope.


Freesia flowers are incredibly special and have a wide range of different meanings. As you can see, the Freesia flower can represent everything from purity and innocence to wealth and prosperity. No matter what you are trying to say with your Freesia flowers, they are sure to get your message across beautifully.

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