Leviathan: Symbolism, Meaning and History

 In Judeo-Christian tradition, the Leviathan is a massive sea creature that is both feared and respected. This creature has been referenced in numerous texts, stories, and entertainment throughout history and is often used as a symbol of power, strength, and chaos. Although the meaning of the Leviathan has changed over time, this creature still holds a great deal of significance for many people today.

What Is Leviathan?

Leviathan is a large sea creature that is mentioned in the Bible and other historical texts. This creature is often described as monstrous and chaotic and is said to be capable of causing great destruction – a massive, powerful sea dragon.

The word “leviathan” itself comes from the Hebrew word meaning “twisted,” “coiled,” or “writhing.” This likely reflects the ancient belief that the world was created out of a swirling mass of chaos. The leviathan was seen as a symbol of this primordial chaos and a reminder of humanity’s place in the natural order. 

The History Of Leviathan

The original source of Leviathan traces all the way back to prebiblical Mesopotamian myths as a sea monster that represented the chaos that gave birth to the world. In these ancient stories, the leviathan was often depicted as a massive sea creature with incredibly large teeth and claws.

Leviathan in the Bible

The first mention of Leviathan can be found in the Old Testament book of Job. In this text, Job is a man plagued by misfortune and struggling to maintain his faith. During a conversation with his friends, Job compares himself to Leviathan, saying, “I will not despair; I will maintain my integrity and never let go of it. I will give heavier than Leviat to my enemy.” Here, Job uses Leviathan as a symbol of his strength and resilience. 

In Psalms, Leviathan appears as a multi-headed sea creature that is defeated by God. This creature is described as proud and fearsome, a symbol of the chaos and destruction that can be wrought by evil.

Leviathan In Popular Culture

Throughout history, Leviathan has appeared in a variety of stories and entertainment. This creature is often used as a symbol of power and chaos.

One of the most famous examples of Leviathan in popular culture is the giant sea monster from the 1998 film aptly named “Leviathan” starring Peter Weller. In this film, a deep-sea mining operation unleashes a massive, mutated sea creature that terrorizes the workers and threatens to destroy the entire facility.

More recently, in the video game series “Final Fantasy,” Leviathan is frequently a summoned creature that players can use in battle. This creature is often depicted as a large, serpentine dragon and is known for its water-based attacks.

Leviathan continues to be a popular figure in popular culture and is sure to appear in many more stories and entertainment in the years to come.

What Does Leviathan Symbolize?

Throughout history, the Leviathan has been used as a symbol for power, chaos, and in some circumstances, death & destruction. This creature is often seen as a reminder of the dangers that exist in the world and our place in the natural order. For some, the Leviathan is a symbol of strength and resilience, while for others, it represents the dark side of human nature.

Speaking of the dark side of human nature, there is a symbol called the “Leviathan Cross,” which is a symbol of Satan. This cross is upside down with two crosses in the middle and has become a popular symbol among those who identify as Satanists. We’ll touch on this more in the following section.

In modern times, the Leviathan has taken on a new meaning for some people. In an increasingly globalized world, the idea of a massive, powerful creature that is beyond our control has taken on a new significance. For some, the Leviathan is a symbol of the problems that come with globalization and the feeling of powerlessness that comes with it.

The Leviathan can be interpreted in many ways, but its long history and appearances in popular culture ensure that this creature will continue to fascinate for decades.

What Is The Leviathan Cross?

The Leviathan Cross is a symbol that is often used to represent Satan. This symbol is also known as the “Satan’s Cross,” the “Cross of Leviathan,” and the “Left-Hand Path Cross.” The Leviathan Cross is composed of two regular crosses that are placed perpendicularly to each other. The top cross represents the traditional Christian cross, while the bottom cross is inverted. At the bottom, there is an infinity symbol.

What Is The Meaning Of A Leviathan Cross Tattoo?

The double cross represents balance and duality. The top cross is the traditional Christian cross, while the bottom cross is inverted, representing the dark side of human nature. The infinity symbol at the bottom of the tattoo represents the never-ending cycle of life and death.

Some people see the Leviathan Cross as a symbol of rebellion against Christianity and organized religion. For others, it is a way to represent the darker side of their personality.

If you haven’t heard of Satanists before, they are people who identify with Satan from Christianity. Some Satanists see themselves as rebels against an oppressive system, while others simply enjoy poking fun at Christianity. However, a vast majority of Satanists follow the moral code that satanism follow, rather than the theistic code.

What Does A Leviathan Cross Tattoo Represent?

While the Leviathan Cross is most commonly seen as a symbol of Satanism, it can also be interpreted in other ways. For some people, the cross is a symbol of rebellion and chaos.

This interpretation is likely because the Leviathan Cross is often seen as an inverted cross, traditionally a symbol of rebellion against modern religion.

For others, the Leviathan cross can take on a darker meaning – and represent death, destruction, and chaos.

No matter what your interpretation is, the Leviathan Cross is sure to make a statement. This is it if you’re looking for a tattoo that is sure to start a conversation.

What Is The Meaning Of A Leviathan Tattoo?

Besides the traditional meanings of leviathan, such as power, chaos, and rebellion, a tattoo can take on a more personal meaning. For some, the leviathan tattoo can be a way to show their dark side or their personal power.

For others – it can show their love of the deep & powerful sea. The leviathan has been a popular tattoo subject for decades, and its popularity is only increasing. So, if you’re thinking about getting a leviathan tattoo, be sure to think about what this creature means to you. And remember – with such a large and powerful creature, there’s plenty of room for creativity!

Leviathan & Leviathan Cross In Jewelry

The Leviathan is a popular subject in jewelry as well. The most popular Leviathan jewel is the Leviathan cross necklace. This necklace usually features the leviathan cross pendant on a chain.

If you’re looking to gift Leviathan or Leviathan Cross jewelry, here are a few ideas:

  • A Leviathan Cross pendant on a chain
  • A ring with a leviathan or leviathan cross design
  • A bracelet with a leviathan or leviathan cross charm
  • Earrings with a leviathan or leviathan cross design


The Leviathan is a fascinating creature that has captured the imaginations of people for centuries. This massive, powerful creature has been interpreted in many ways – as a symbol of Satan, a symbol of rebellion, and a representation of the deep & powerful sea. No matter what your interpretation is, the Leviathan is sure to be a conversation starter.

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