What Does “This” Mean in Texting? (Explained)

Have you ever received a text message with the word “this” and wondered what it means? You’re not alone! “This” is a common phrase used in texting to show agreement with something that the person above you has said. It’s a quick and efficient way to express affirmation and show that you agree with a particular response.

But why use “this” instead of simply saying “I agree” or “me too”? Well, in the world of texting, brevity is key. People are often looking for shortcuts and abbreviations to save time and characters. By using “this,” you can convey your agreement in just one word, keeping the conversation flowing smoothly. In this article, we’ll delve deeper into the meaning of “this” in texting, explore its usage, and provide some examples to help you understand it better.

Understanding the Meaning of “This” in Texting

“This” is a common phrase used in texting to express agreement or affirmation. When someone responds to a previous message with “This,” they are indicating that they agree with what was said or that they feel the same way. It is a concise way of showing agreement without having to repeat or rephrase the original statement.

In text conversations, “This” often serves as a shorthand way of acknowledging and supporting someone else’s opinion or viewpoint. It can be used to show solidarity or to indicate that you feel the same way about a particular topic. For example, if someone says, “I can’t believe how beautiful the sunset is tonight,” you might respond with “This” to show that you also find the sunset stunning.

In my personal experience, using “This” in text conversations has been a convenient and effective way to express agreement or affirmation. It allows me to show support for someone’s thoughts or feelings without having to go into a lengthy explanation. It is a simple and concise way to connect with others and validate their experiences.

Examples of Using “This” in Texting

Agreeing with a Statement

Text 1: Person A: “I can’t believe how hot it is today!” Person B: “This! I’m melting!” Text 2: Person A: “I think chocolate ice cream is the best.” Person B: “This!! Chocolate ice cream is my favorite!”

Acknowledging a Funny or Relatable Situation

Text 1: Person A: “My phone died right before the movie started.” Person B: “Haha, this always happens to me!” Text 2: Person A: “I just tripped and spilled coffee all over myself.” Person B: “Oh no, this has happened to me before!”

Expressing Support or Encouragement

Text 1: Person A: “I’m feeling so nervous about my presentation tomorrow.” Person B: “You’re going to do amazing! You’ve got this!” Text 2: Person A: “I don’t know if I can do it.” Person B: “You can do this! Believe in yourself!”

Nuances and Implications of Using “This” in Text Conversations

Using the phrase “This” in text conversations can convey more than just agreement or affirmation. Depending on the context and tone, it can enhance or reinforce the previous text message in various ways. Let’s explore some of the subtleties and implications of using “This” in text conversations:

Emphasizing Agreement or Approval

When you reply with “This” in response to a message, it can indicate strong agreement or approval. It shows that you share the same opinion or sentiment as the person above you. By emphasizing agreement, “This” can help validate and reinforce their point of view, creating a sense of camaraderie and understanding.

Highlighting a Specific Point

Using “This” can help draw attention to a specific point or statement made in the previous message. It signals that you particularly resonate with that specific idea or argument. By highlighting a specific point with “This,” you can contribute to the focus of the conversation and demonstrate your engagement with the topic.

Adding Support or Validation

In some cases, “This” can serve as a way of offering support or validation to the person above you. It shows that you value their input and consider their perspective to be valuable. By using “This” to reinforce their message, you can create a sense of collaboration and build rapport within the conversation.

Strengthening Agreement Through Repetition

When “This” is used multiple times within a conversation, it can serve as a way of strengthening agreement and emphasizing unity. By repeating “This,” you reaffirm your alignment with the previous messages and further solidify the shared sentiment. This repetition can create a sense of solidarity and build a stronger bond between participants.

Overall, the usage of “This” in text conversations goes beyond simple agreement or affirmation. It can enhance the previous message, highlight specific points, offer support, and strengthen agreement through repetition. Understanding these nuances can help you effectively communicate your agreement and contribute meaningfully to the ongoing conversation.

Alternatives to Using “This” in Texting

While “this” is a common phrase used in texting to show agreement or affirmation, there are various other expressions you can use to convey the same meaning. By expanding your texting vocabulary, you can add variety and nuance to your messages. Here are some alternatives to using “this” in texting:

  • I agree: This straightforward phrase explicitly states your agreement with the previous message.
  • Absolutely: This word emphasizes your strong agreement or affirmation.
  • For sure: This casual expression is often used to indicate agreement or certainty.
  • No doubt: Use this phrase to show complete agreement or unwavering affirmation.
  • Definitely: This word conveys a strong sense of agreement or confirmation.
  • Agreed: Similar to “I agree,” this simple word signals your alignment with the previous statement.
  • I feel the same way: This longer phrase indicates that your thoughts align with the previous message.
  • You’re right: Use this phrase to acknowledge and agree with the correctness of the previous statement.

By incorporating these alternative phrases and expressions into your texting conversations, you can enhance your communication style and effectively convey your agreement or affirmation.


Understanding the meaning of “this” in texting is important for effective communication and expressing agreement or affirmation. By using this phrase, you can show that you are in agreement with what the person above you said in a text conversation. It serves as a way to affirm their response and indicate that you share the same viewpoint.

While there are other phrases and expressions that can be used to convey agreement or affirmation, “this” is a commonly used and straightforward option. It adds clarity to text conversations and allows for smoother interactions. By incorporating “this” into your texting vocabulary, you can enhance your communication skills and better connect with others.

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