What Does “X X” Mean in Texting? (Explained)

Have you ever received a text message with “X X” and wondered what it means? Is it code for something secret or does it have a special meaning? Well, you’re in luck because I’m here to explain it to you! In the world of texting, “X X” is used to represent two kisses. Just like the letter X is used at the end of messages to signify a kiss, doubling it to XX means two kisses.

Whether it’s typed in uppercase (XX) or lowercase (xx), the meaning remains the same, though uppercase may be used to add emphasis in certain situations. So the next time you receive a text with “X X,” you can rest assured that it’s a sweet gesture of affection from the sender. Isn’t that a fun and cute way to express some love through texting?

Meaning of “X X” in Texting

In the world of texting and messaging, “X X” is commonly used to represent two kisses. It is a way to convey affection or an affectionate goodbye in a digital format. The letter X has long been associated with kisses, with a single X often used to denote a single kiss. By doubling the X, the sender is expressing a heightened level of affection or sentiment. The usage of “X X” is prevalent in informal conversations and is a popular way to add a touch of warmth and emotion to text messages.

Variations in Capitalization

The use of “X X” in texting can be typed in either uppercase (XX) or lowercase (xx) without significantly altering its meaning. Both variations represent two kisses and are commonly used to convey affection or an affectionate goodbye in text messages. The choice of capitalization is primarily a matter of personal preference or style. However, it is worth noting that uppercase letters (XX) may sometimes be used to provide emphasis, such as signifying a big kiss or conveying heightened affection.

For example, someone might type “XX” at the end of a message to a close friend or romantic partner to express extra love or warmth. In this context, the uppercase letters can add emphasis to the affection being conveyed. On the other hand, lowercase letters (xx) are generally used in a more casual or lighthearted manner, without necessarily indicating a more intense level of affection.

Ultimately, the choice of capitalization for “X X” in texting depends on the individual’s personal style and the intended tone of the message. Whether typed in uppercase or lowercase, the underlying meaning of two kisses remains the same – a way to express affection or bid farewell in a text message.

When to Use “X X”

In texting, “X X” is commonly used to convey affection or an affectionate goodbye. It represents two kisses and is a way to express fondness or love for the recipient of the message. Here are a few examples and scenarios where “X X” can be used:

1. Ending a conversation: When you’re wrapping up a conversation with someone, you can use “X X” as a friendly way to say goodbye and show that you care about them. For example: “Thanks for chatting! Have a great day! X X.”

2. Showing affection: If you want to express your love or affection to someone through text, “X X” can be used to signify kisses. It’s a sweet way to let them know how much they mean to you. For instance: “I miss you so much! Can’t wait to see you. X X.”

3. Sending virtual kisses: Since it’s not possible to physically give someone a kiss through text, “X X” is a way to send virtual kisses. It adds a personal and intimate touch to your message. For example: “Wishing you goodnight and sending you lots of love. X X”

4. Expressing gratitude: You can use “X X” to express gratitude and appreciation to someone who has done something nice for you. It adds a warm and grateful tone to your message. For instance: “Thank you for the surprise gift! It really made my day. X X”

Overall, “X X” is a commonly used symbol in texting to convey affection, love, or an affectionate goodbye. It adds a touch of warmth and closeness to your messages and shows the recipient that you care about them.

Other Variations of “X X”

In addition to “X X” or “XX,” there are several other variations or similar symbols used in texting to represent kisses or affection. Here are a few examples:

  • XOXO: This is a popular abbreviation for hugs and kisses. The X’s represent kisses, and the O’s represent hugs.
  • Mwah: This is an onomatopoeic representation of a kissing sound. It is often used to express a virtual kiss.
  • :-* or :-X: These emoticons represent a kiss. The “:-*” can depict a kiss with a smiley face, while “:-X” can represent a kiss with a sealed or secret lips.
  • :*: This emoticon symbolizes a kiss and can be used to express affection or blowing a kiss.

These variations of “X X” or additional symbols are commonly used to convey affection or kisses in text messages. The choice of which symbol to use may vary depending on personal preference or the specific context of the conversation.


So now you know that “X X” in text messaging represents two kisses and is commonly used to convey affection or an affectionate goodbye. It’s a simple and sweet way to show someone you care through a message.

Whether you choose to use uppercase (XX) or lowercase (xx) for “X X” doesn’t change its meaning significantly. However, uppercase letters may sometimes be used to provide emphasis, like signifying a big kiss. So feel free to use whichever variation feels right for the situation.

Next time you want to express your affection in a text, remember to use “X X” for two kisses. It’s a lovely way to show someone you’re thinking of them and wishing them well.

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